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Last Updated: 02 January 2015


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January 2015: Rail Fares Revision

Fares revision news here

Arriva Explorer Tickets Improved
Arriva Explorer tickets are now issued and accepted on MK Metro buses. Arriva Group Explorers are now valid for up to 4 adults travelling together. Read the bus page for more about all day bus tickets. 

2-For-1 Offer for Rail Passengers
The rail companies have arranged 2-for-1 discounts on admissions to various London attractions including the Tower of London & Madame Tussauds  ...  more

Groupsave Travelcards Now Available
Groupsave allows 3 or 4 adults to travel together for the price of 2. This fare is restricted to certain routes but has recently been extended to include LondonMidland Travelcards.  more

Range of Secret Tickets for Commuting and Day Trips
Some new ticket types now available in Milton Keynes may benefit residents, visitors and commuters but have been given little publicity  Details

Day Trips to the East
Take the bus and train to Norwich and other destinations in East Anglia.  Details

Cheaper Rail Fares to the South-West
Save time and money by travelling via Oxford

See How the Milton Keynes Trains are Running 
The National Rail site now has a live feed from the departure screens at many stations including Milton Keynes Central. Check the MK trains here


Going out for the day?

Why not leave the car at home occasionally and try public transport? You might be pleasantly surprised to find that not all bus and rail services are dire.

These pages look at the possibilities for inexpensive days out from Milton Keynes using public transport. Some of the fares described here are not advertised and in a few cases the transport companies would probably prefer that you did not know about them. 


Why not take the train?

If you regularly commute by train or use the railway for business travel then you may have concluded that most rail services are over-crowded or over-priced or both. 

However, after the morning rush is over it can be a very different story. In an effort to avoid trains running round empty in the off-peak, the rail companies offer cheaper fares - very much cheaper in some cases. And once the commuter crush is over, trains are much more comfortable.

Details of rail bargains

Off-Peak Means Cheap

The difference between peak & off-peak rail fares can be dramatic. Depart Milton Keynes at 08:00 on a weekday and an adult one-day Travelcard will cost 43.50. But  travel off-peak using a Network Card (anyone can have a Network Card) and you can make the same journey for only 13.20 (ask for a Virgin). A massive 70% saving.     


What about the bus?

If you normally use a car it is possible you have never considered using the bus. The popular view that buses are uncomfortable, indirect, slow and infrequent has been reinforced over the years by the shortcomings of some local buses.

However, Stagecoach has shown that it is possible to run a bus service where none of these apply.  Their Oxford to Cambridge via Milton Keynes service is excellent and in conjunction with other bus and rail services offers many travel possibilities. 

There are also some good fare deals by bus for the bargain seeker. Another plus for the bus is that bargain fares are often available throughout the day and not restricted to off-peak times. 

Details of days out by bus

For East to West, Bus is Best

While the railway provides Milton Keynes with good connections in the north-south direction and may be considered the first choice for day trips to London, the south coast, Birmingham and further north; it does not offer much for the east-west traveller apart from a local branch line between Bletchley and Bedford. 

No doubt recognising this shortcoming, Stagecoach stepped in a few years ago with the X5. The X5 is a high quality, fast, frequent bus service between Oxford, Milton Keynes & Cambridge. The service runs every 30 minutes, 7 days a week. The last bus back from Oxford bus station departs at 22:30.


Cheap Day Fares
Group Fares
London Tickets
Route Diagram
Savings via Oxford
Season Ticket Prices
Unlimited Travel Rovers

All Day MK ticket
Route Diagram
Shenley Express
Go Anywhere Tickets

Avebury Stone Circle
Bath, Bristol & West
Brighton & Beachy Head
Isle of Wight

Visiting MK


External Links


Greenwich, Docklands & Hampstead Heath

Visit all these places and many more for 13.20. Also why not try out London's new tram system - it's covered by the same ticket. 

click here


Bristol & Bath

Bristol for 36.30
Bath for 31.60

click here


  Oxford, Swindon, Blenheim Palace & the Cotswolds

A group of 5 (2 adults & 3 children) can take the bus to these places & many others for  24.

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  Ridgeway Bus details of bus routes giving access to this historic path - including connections from Milton Keynes


  Links where to find timetables and information    
  Notes Miscellaneous news and information    


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